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Retrostop Vintage and Couture

Clothing and Accessories​

ACCESSORIES - Hats/Scarves/Gloves

The elegance, charm and quality of vintage hats are incomparable. We hope you enjoy our selection below.

Vintage HERMES Navy/White Pinstripe Gloves


1970's ADOLFO REALITIES Patchwork Hat

1970's Hippie BOHO with an elegant flair. Buy it now in our ebay store for $174.99.

Wonderful 1970's ADOLFO Autumn Haze Mink Hat

Great 1970's style with a hint of Adolfo elegance. The floppy brim is accented with a gold chain ribbon around the entire base of the hat. A Smoky Topaz colored crystal teardrop dangles from the chain onto the brim. SOLD

Yellow Felt Schiaparelli Hat with Hatbox


Mint Green Schiaparelli Plush Hat with Button Detail. Includes original tag and hatbox.


Bordeau Red Schiaparelli Turban-style hat with Hatbox


Schiaparelli Beige/Black "Spartacus" Style hat


Bergdorf Goodman Custom Millinery 1960's Hat

Holly Golightly would be envious! Definitely Breakfast at Tiffany's style! SOLD

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